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Related post: Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 19:46:03 -0400 From: Writer Boy Subject: rebound - part 41Obligatory warnings and disclaimers:1) If reading this is in any way illegal where you are or at your age, or you don't want to read about male/male relationships, go away. flower model preteen You shouldn't be here.2) I don't know any of the celebrities in this story, and this story in no way is meant to imply anything about their sexualities, personalities, or anything else. This is a work of pure preteen top gallery fiction.Questions and commentary can be sent to "". I enjoy constructive criticism, praise, and rational discussion. I do not enjoy flames, and will not tolerate them.That said, we now continue.***Oddly enough, I ended up running the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen anyway, even though I'd started out just doing it as a cover. I was wiping down the stove when JC came back through. He still had on the same pants and sandals, but now had on a hoodie, with the brim of a baseball cap of some kind sticking out from preteen super nudes the front. His wavy hair was neatly tucked under, and his eyes were mostly hidden, too. If you didn't 12 14yo preteen already know who he was, it might take you a while to recognize him, especially with the way he was standing. He walked with his hands jammed in the pockets and his head down, and when he leaned into the kitchen to say goodbye to me, he didn't meet my eyes."Have a good day," I said quietly, trying to pretend to have bought his story.What I was really trying to do was to understand what was going on in preteen fotos his head. Why was he even still talking to this guy, never mind occasionally sleeping with him? From what Justin had told me, nothing good had come of the relationship. JC had been hurt by it, and still allowed it to continue to hurt him. This guy had cost JC a relationship that he had invested years in, not to mention the damage to his home, career, and friendships. Sure, JC was at least partially responsible, because he kept going back, but I couldn't figure out why he would. This guy had apparently been helping wreck JC's life preteen glamor photos for years, and JC just kept letting him. Why would someone do that?"Thanks," he said, turning away. "Breakfast was fun.""We'll have to do it again soon," I preteen storeis said, smiling. He probably heard it in my voice, but didn't turn around to see it. He didn't even seem happy to be going, and the thought struck me suddenly that maybe he hadn't hurt Justin on purpose. Maybe he hadn't been able to help it, caught up in whatever this thing was between him and his ex.I shoved that thought away immediately. The last thing I wanted to do was feel sorry for nude preteen paradise JC. I already had my hands full taking care of Justin.Speaking of Justin, I was sitting at the table reading the paper (Why would you get the paper delivered to a house that you barely lived in?) and enjoying a third cup of coffee when he came strolling into the kitchen, wearing only a pair of khaki shorts with the bottom edges frayed. He had this little beaded brown necklace around his neck, very tight, that did nothing but draw attention to his shoulders and chest. He almost seemed to glisten in the kitchen lights, the sunlight falling through the windows catching him and the tiny fine golden hairs on his body as he strolled casually to the refrigerator. I couldn't do anything but stare, watching his abs twist as he bent a little to pull the preteens naked sex door open, his calves flexing as he casually rubbed one against the other while he perused the shelves in there. His arm, lanky yet firm, was draped across the top of the refrigerator door, loosely flexed, his brownish gold smattering of armpit hair tufting out. His pinkish red nipple stiffened as he leaned into the cold hot preteen clips air, and I finally managed to jerk my eyes back down to the newspaper as he pulled 3d nude preteen out the milk and set it on the counter."Good morning baby," he said, pulling out a cereal bowl and rummaging through the cabinets. He pulled out a box of some kind of marshmallow laden sugar dusted allegedly nutritious breakfast cereal."Good morning," I said, sipping my coffee as he poured himself a bowl. "You run out of shirts?""You don't like the view?" he asked, flexing for a second before he broke up into giggles."I didn't say that," I answered, grinning as well."I'll get dressed after my shower," he said, shrugging. He sat down across from me with his bowl. "Is JC up yet?""He went out to visit a friend," I said, not looking up as he observed his moment of silence. I wondered for a second if he would have come strolling down, topless, in his low riding shorts if he had known that JC was already gone. Then again, maybe he was putting on the show for me. Or, even image sexy preteens more believably, maybe he'd gotten out of bed and put on 3d hentai preteens the first pair of shorts he saw. "He said that we'd have the house to ourselves today.""Cool," Justin said, chewing. "You wanna do anything?""Not really," I answered. "I have that book, and you don't have anything to do, so I thought maybe we'd have a quiet day. You know, I could walk around and get a feel for the house, and we could just angels links preteen kind of bum around. Unless there's something you want to do?""No, I'm ok with bumming around," he said, shrugging as well. "You have the sports page?""Here," I said, passing it to him. "Have fun with it.""You could pretend to be interested," he said, shaking his head. He wasn't mad, and looking at him I saw that he needed a shave. If I ran my hand over his cheek right now I would feel that little bit of stubble, that sensation between a scrape and a tickle, depending on where his head was. I remembered that I was denying sex until he apologized, and tried to push that thought away. I wasn't very successful, but as long as I didn't have to stand up, he wouldn't see it preteen pic list until my problem subsided. He seemed to sense me watching, and looked up, his face open and a little curious, his bright blue eyes questioning me silently below his arched brows. "What?""Nothing," I answered, looking determinedly at the paper. "You need a shave.""Maybe," he said, rubbing his love eden preteen face. He finished his breakfast and rinsed out the bowl, leaving it in the sink since the dishwasher was already running. He leaned back on the counter, facing me, his arms stretched out and his chest pulling tight, his top japan preteens round pecs curving above his rippled abs. "I'm gonna go akio preteen dvd take a shower. Want to join me?""Nope," I answered, pictures preteen boy forcing myself to look down. "I showered already."Justin sighed, walking around behind me as if he wanted to read the paper over my shoulder. He leaned down, his chest almost touching me, but not quite, his head near mine. I could feel his breath on my cheek, and the side of my neck tingled xxx free youngpreteengirls as it anticipated him coming near enough to preteen 3d xxx rub against me. He made a low, growling humming sort of noise in his throat."Chris, baby," he began, his voice combined with his proximity and preteen 50 models his warm breath over the side of my face sending a wave of goosebumps over my whole body. "You're not still mad about last night, are you?""Not really mad," I answered neutrally. "But I still think you were rude, and I know preteen skirt stories you haven't apologized. I guess I'm just a little disappointed in you more than anything else. Then again, he's your friend, and if that's the way you want to treat your friends, then I guess you know better than I do."He spying preteen naked sighed, leaning away from me. I hoped that my little lecture would have more of an effect than what I'd said last night, even though I cringed thinking about how much it sounded like something a parent would scold a child with."Whatever," he said casually, rolling his eyes. "I'm going to shower."I watched him walk away down the hall, looking at the angel between his shoulders sway back and forth as he headed for the stairs. He didn't seem chagrined in the least, and I shook my head, deciding that maybe this was a lost cause. Justin would be pissy to JC if he wanted to, and I knew he was too stubborn to change it for me. I'd expressed my displeasure with it, but for now it seemed like all I could really do was make sure that Justin didn't put me lesbian preteen nymphets in the middle of it again. The problem was that I didn't really see how that was going to be possible.I tried not to think about it as I drifted around the downstairs, getting a better feel for the layout of the house, which was much bigger inside than it looked. I'd had that other afternoon to walk around, but had really just been looking around, not really trying to figure out where things were. Now I was opening doors, finding out russian vlad preteen how to get to the patio or into the garage, discovering that hairless preteen nudes there was a small recording booth and sound studio that I didn't know was here. I hadn't realized that preteenpaysite there was another stairwell to the second floor, connecting the hallway where our bedrooms were to the garage. If you were coming in from outside it let you go straight up to the bedrooms without going through the rest of the house, which could be good if you were out washing the car, or coming home late, or something. Justin and JC were a little less inclusive of their bodyguard than Joey, leaving him sitting out front in a little shaded kind of booth obscured by some greenery. The outside of the house was monitored with cameras that the bodyguard watched at his station, but the inside was free of them.I settled onto a couch in the music room, which was art nonnude preteen much more comfortable than the entertainment room. That room, obviously done by japaness preteen models some sort of decorator or lifted whole from the page of a catalog, had too much of an artificial, for display only kind of feel. The music room, on the other hand, was fairly comfortable with its big, overstuffed furniture, puffy couches and chairs, and its collection of personal items and memorabilia. There were young preteens naked a number of music magazines scattered across the huge square coffee table, which was maybe the size of my bed in the loft, and I was idly reading an investigative piece in one of them about industry corruption when Justin came strolling in, wearing a different pair of shorts and a white beater. He sat down preteen pix forum across from me, all showered up and freshly scrubbed, and smiled."Hi," I said, looking up from my magazine. "Have a good shower?""Yeah," he replied. "Watcha doing?""Reading," I answered, holding up the magazine."Oh, ok," he said, leaning back in a stretch, throwing his arms wide. The beater rode up just a little, revealing a wedge of his tanned stomach, and I preteen girl dawn had to smile. He looked so comfortable on the couch like that, his legs flung out, his arms back, his head leaning over the back. I wondered if he was going to take a nap, or just hold that pose all day, as I went back to my magazine. He spent the next couple of minutes shifting on the couch, moving his legs around, twisting, stretching, and fluffing pillows, and I looked up from my magazine again preteen family nudists as he sighed loudly."Is something wrong over there?" I asked over the top of my magazine. Justin looked up at me, sighing."I just wet preteen porn can't get comfortable," he sighed dramatically."What seems to be the problem?" I asked, confused. My couch was fine."I don't know," he answered, looking down at himself. He picked at the bottom edge of his beater. "I think it might be this shirt.""If it's bothering you that much, take it off," pre teen lesbianas I said, rolling my eyes. My God, did he really need me to tell him this?"Take it nude petite preteen off?" Justin asked me casually, his voice low and rolling, repeating my words as if he had never heard the language before. He was holding the bottom of his beater in both hands now, watching me, his eyes bright and flashing. "Just pull it up over my head?""Yes, Justin," I answered, exasperated. "If your shirt is bothering you that much, just pull it off and search preteen cunts throw it over there on preteen free movies the floor somewhere."He leaned forward a little, his arms crossed as his hands gripped the bottom of his shirt tightly, and then he flexed, pulling it over his head in a languidly slow porn star move. As the thin goth nude preteen white cotton slid up over his skin, his smooth back and rippled abs sliding into view, followed by his flexing pecs, his neck with that thin little necklace that somehow made him look more muscular, and finally his firm, newly shaved chin and glistening blue eyes, I realized what he warez preteen sex was doing. I nacked free preteen might as well have had a sign over my head reading "Dense Boyfriend". I raised an eyebrow questioningly as he leaned back, his hands on his thighs and the look on his face pure sex. The shirt was now in a crumpled ball off to the side somewhere, but neither of us cared."Fell better?" I asked, still holding the magazine. This game had definite possibilities, and I was rather intrigued to see how far he could go with it. Maybe I'd let him get all worked up, and then leave him hanging."Lots better," he answered, stretching again with his arms over his head, pulling his torso into one long, lean line of muscle. He smirked at me now, that lazy, sexy, I'm a superstar smirk of his, the lip curling with all sorts of possibilities. "Is there anything else you think I should do?"I leaned back, still holding the magazine."I don't know," I shrugged. "Your abs are so smooth. Maybe you should rub them a little."Justin looked at his hand, and rested it on his stomach. He began to flutter his fingertips up and down his abs, circling his navel, tracing around the lines of muscle lightly."Like this?" he asked, watching me."Yes," I free preteen model answered, watching him. "Tell me how that feels.""It feels good," he sighed. "My skin is smooth, and I can feel all the little hairs under my fingers. I can feel them brushing back and forth under my fingertips, and I feel my abs flexing when I breath in and out. They give a little, but preteen sexy tgp if I push on them they're hard. I got good muscles.""You do," I agreed, matching his grin. "On your chest, too.""Up here?" Justin high preteen sex asked, sliding his hand up over the bottom curve of his pec. I nodded as he began to rub his chest. harcore preteen Justin was clearly getting into it, rubbing the valley between his pecs, running his hand up over his collarbone, caressing the bottom of his throat for a second. I waited, and he knew what to preteen japanese nymphets do. "It's firm, and when I move my arm it shifts a little. I can feel my heartbeat underneath, and my skin is so warm.""Hey, is that a nipple?" I asked. My cock was starting to throb in my pants, steel hard, and I spread my legs a little, trying to get a little more room. Justin looked down at his chest, his eyes following the motion of his own hand as if it wasn't really part of him."I think it is," he answered, dancing the tip of one finger in a circle around it. "What do you want me to do with it?""Maybe you should pinch it," I suggested. "Maybe you should just pinch the tip a little, roll preteen russian schoolgirl it around, pull it away from developing preteen models your chest a little.""Like this?" he asked, and then let out a blog preteen sex little whimpering gallery preteen russian sigh as he followed my instructions. I saw his nipple getting preteen preteen nude hard, reddening, as he continued to squeeze and rub it. His whimpers were sharp but breathy, and his eyes started to close as preteen jailbait girls he leaned his head back on the couch cushion. He wasn't watching litttle pussy preteen me list preteen anymore, getting lost in himself. "Oh.""Tell me how it feels," I prompted, rubbing at my own chest a little through my preteen picture archives t-shirt. God, he was hot."It feels, oh, preteen naked tulips I feel a little shiver, all the way down my body, every time I, unh, every time I do that," Justin answered, rolling the tip of his nipple away from his chest. His forehead glistened a little, as if he was starting to sweat. I leaned forward to watch, to get a better view, and there was a soft crumple that neither of us noticed as my magazine slid to the floor."Maybe you should do that to the other one, too," I whispered, and his hand slid across his chest, brushing over the muscle. His fingertips found his other nipple and began to tease it. "Don't ignore the other one, Justin. Go back and forth. Tease them both. How does that top site preteen feel?""Good," he answered, wincing as he fondled himself. His eyes were closed, not squeezed tightly, just preteen love models naturally smooth, but his face was tense. small hot preteens "It feels so, unh. I'm so hard right now.""I bet you are," I agreed. "I bet your cock is hard and throbbing, trapped in your shorts like that. I bet you can feel it pulse every time you squeeze your nipple like that, can't preteen russian pantyhose you?""Yes!" Justin yelped, his chest heaving as he continued to pinch and pull at his nipples, his hand going back and forth between the pointed, hard nubs."Maybe you should put your finger in your mouth," I suggested, watching him raise his hand. His pink lips closed around his index finger, softly pursing, and I watched him suck lightly at it. "Get it good and wet. That's right. Now rub your nipple with it, yes, just like that."Justin gasped as he brought his wet finger to his pink tip, and I watched another ripple of tension cross his face."Ahh," he whimpered, his hips shifting a preteen twins nude little."Blow on it now," I commanded. "How does that feel?""Oh, God," he whimpered. "It feels, oh, my whole body, it's like I'm on fire.""Feel it, Justin," I said, watching. He sweetest preteens was doing a great job of turning himself on, and me, too. I had more or less forgotten that my original intention was to leave him hanging. No way in hell was I letting this go to waste. "Tell me what you're doing now.""I'm, I'm running my hands, both of them, up and down my amazing preteens charming chest," he answered, doing it as I watched. "I'm feeling everything, my skin, the hair. I feel how hot I am, and now I'm touching my nipples again, and they're so hard. They feel so good.""They're not all that's hard, are they?" I asked, even though I could see from my seat that they weren't. I could see the hard preteen celebrity nude spike of his cock pressing against the front of his shorts, and there was a small wet spot growing at the tip. I was keeping my voice low as I spoke to him, and think that was turning him on even more. His whole body was tense, and to add to it he had to strain to underage preteen sites hear me over his own whimpering little noises of pleasure."I, my hands, they're on my waistband now," he said, running them along the top of his shorts. "My fingertips are dipping in, just a little, but not enough to feel anything, just touching my skin. They're right near the button on my shorts. I can feel it when I run my fingertip down that line below my bellybutton.""Undo it," I whispered. "Unfasten the button. How does that feel?""Better," he answered, rubbing a little more of his lower stomach now. It was flat and smooth, like the rest of him, with just a little bit of hair and dark veins just below the surface."Now the zipper," I said. "Slide it down, slowly.""I am," he answered, his voice strained. "I'm sliding it down, opening the front of my shorts. I'm not wearing any underwear.""I see that," I said, licking my lips. I kicked my shoes off. "I see the dark gold curls of your pubes. Do you feel them?""Yes," Justin answered, letting his hand drift down into them a little, just touching the top of them. He kept the top of his pubes trimmed, probably so they didn't show over the top of the low riding pants he sometimes wore. "They're soft, and they're a little wet.""I see something else, too," I said, encouraging him. "Tell me about it."Justin parted the flaps of his shorts and his cock sprang out, jutting up into the air. The head was slick and glistening, coated in precum that was drooling and leaking out even as I watched. It slid in slow tears down his shaft, and his fingertips lightly brushed the nude preteen pic side of his shaft."It's so hard," he whispered. "It's throbbing, I feel it, when I touch it. It's warm, but underneath it's so thick, and hard and firm.""Squeeze it," I instructed, biting my lip. "Stroke it.""It's so thick," Justin whimpered, closing his fingers around it. "It's throbbing, in my hand.""Now the head," I whispered, standing. Justin palmed his hand up over the wide head of his cock, and I saw the whole thing jump as he gasped. He began to circle his palm over it, massaging it."It's so big, and soft," he whispered. "It's sticky, I'm leaking everywhere, and it's making me, I feel it everywhere when my hand rubs over it. I, oh, it's so wet, and sticky.""Taste it," I whispered. He wrapped his other hand around his shaft, pumping it as his hips rose and fell from the couch, and brought his palm up to his mouth. her preteen pussy I heard the sucking, sticky noises as he kissed it, smearing his own slick juice all over his lips and chin, and I saw nn preteens fuck his pink tongue sliding over his skin."It's salty," he whispered, still making all of his little Justin gasps and whimpers and cries. His hand pumped harder porn forum preteen on his cock, faster. "But sweet, too, and so slick."I walked around the coffee table, pulling my shirt off and throwing it off to the side somewhere."Take your shorts off," I said, and he dropped both hands to his shorts, lifting his ass as he kicked them down his legs. He was now fully naked in front of my on the couch, his innocent preteens pussy body glistening with the thinnest sheen of sweat, his hard preteen bbs girl cock pulsing and leaking a pool of precum onto his abs, his nipples stiff and raw looking, and his eyes emmie preteen model still closed. "Touch your cock again, and your balls."Justin's hand flew back down to his cock, wrapping around the shaft as he began to stroke himself with a vengeance. I stood over him 9yo preteen cuties in my jeans, one of my hands preteen fucking mpegs rubbing my chest while I kneaded my crotch with the other, feeling my hard cock pulse painfully. I knew that I was leaking, too, because this was just too hot. Justin's other hand cupped his balls, squeezing them, rolling them around, tugging them away from his body a little. His chest glistened now, and I saw a bead preteen fasion model preteen models blowjobs of sweat roll down his forehead. He whimpered sharply as he jerked masturbation preteens himself off in front of me, and I could see that he was starting to tense up."Are you about to cum, Justin?" I asked, my voice low as I stepped around his outstretched leg, standing right over him now. "Is it building up in your big, full balls? Are you gonna spray a hot, sticky load all over yourself?""Yes," he whimpered, his hips bucking. preteen angels ls "Yes, I'm so close, I'm almost, I'm going to cum, Chris, I.""Don't," I said sharply, and I saw him tense as I dropped to my knees, my shoulders pushing his legs apart. His cock, free of his hands now, bounced toward me as my hot breath hit it, and I brought his hands to the back of my head as I rubbed the tops of his thighs. "Give it to me, Justin. Ram your hard cock right down my throat."His nude desi preteens only answer was a grunt, mixed with a wail, as I opened my mouth and sucked his throbbing head inside. It blazed a salty trail across my preteens males nude tongue and the roof of my mouth as I swallowed him, feeling his shaft spread my lips wide, opening me as I took him in. His hands tightened in my hair, almost painfully, as he ground my face against him, his hips pushing up as he tried to get even more of himself topless preteens teens inside of my. My nose was already naked teen preteen in his pubes, so there wasn't anywhere else he could go, but his whole body strained, trying in vain."Chris, unh," he squealed. "Chris!"I felt him locking pthc preteen 50 up, the abs against my forehead tightening, his legs trying preteen porno movie to close. His cock seemed to swell in my mouth as I pulled back to taste him, holding the head and just a little of the shaft in my mouth, and I felt his balls draw up toward his body. ls series preteen The first hot blast hit my tongue as he yelped above me, and I felt his body tighten with each spurt as I swallowed and tried to catch it preteen naturalism videos all. Right when he started to gasp again, slowing down, a thin trickle of cum still leaking out of his cock, I reached down and pressed a fingertip against his ass, feeling the soft flesh clench, and I jammed my finger inside, rough and firm. He yelped, his hips bucking, and fresh jets of cum slammed into my mouth as he screamed my name.I pulled off of him finally, sucking lightly at his cock as I let it slide out of my mouth, pressing a kiss to the head as I little preteen galleries let it fall against his stomach. Justin, still holding my head, dragged me up his body and smashed his mouth against mine. He pulled me against him on the couch, his bare chest sliding over mine, his throat letting out little winces as my jeans scraped against his bare, sensitive flesh. I tried to pull back, afraid of hurting him, but he grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me against him as he ground his spent, preteen naked foto but still hard, cock against my throbbing denim covered erection. His tongue snaked through my mouth, almost chocking me, and his eyes finally popped open as he pulled his mouth away and sucked at my neck. His hands were still kneading my ass, and mine were running up and down his sides."Chris, fuck me," he panted. "Make love to me, please, Chris."His voice was preteens pornos tight with need even though he'd just cum."Let's go," I said, trying to stand and move us to the bedroom, but young preteen portal he tightened against me."No, here, incest preteen girlz now," he demanded, and I felt his teeth nip at me. "There's, in the coffee table, there's a drawer."I understood what he was trying to tell me, and as I leaned back to reach the drawer, still on my knees, his hands fought with the button and zipper of my jeans. I fumbled out a condom and the tube of lubricant as Justin jammed both hands in the front of my pants, squeezing my cock. My hips jerked as I felt him gripping me, and I pulled his hands away."Justin, wait," I whispered, trying to get my jeans down."Hurry," he whimpered, leaning back. I kicked my jeans and boxers off, standing above him, and squeezed a huge dollop of lube into my hand as he tore open the condom and rolled it preteen illegal movies onto me. He shivered as I touched him, slipping my fingers in, trying to open him up. "Now, please. I love you so much, please, I want you now."I knelt between his legs, pressing him gently back into the couch, and began to slowly slide into him, covering his face with kisses as I entered him. He grabbed my ass with both hands and began to guide me, wanting it hard and fast, based on his movements. I was happy to oblige, and did my best to make it good for him as I thrust into him again and again, turning him on the couch so that we were laying on it, kissing him preteens in cambodia and telling him how hot he was and how good it was. He urged me onward with his hands and his words, gripping me, pulling at me, chewing at my ears and neck. When he began to talk dirty to me, whispering things in my ear that I didn't think even he knew, it was like he lit a fire preteenboysmodel inside. I turned him, picking him up as I kept my cock slammed inside him, and index mpeg preteen dropped fotoplenka preteen album him onto the coffee table, sweeping the magazines aside. He grabbed the edge of the table for support as I lifting his legs onto my shoulders, and I rode him hard like that, slamming into him, slowly jerking the table across the floor until it collided with the other couch and I finally let go, shooting hard inside him.I thought we were done as I kissed him, pulling out and using his discarded beater to clean us both, but he pushed me onto the couch, kissing me and stroking me until he had me throbbing and hard sweden preteen pics again. Carefully, with the limber grace that dancing brought him, he climbed on top of me, rolling another condom on before lowering himself onto me. He put his hands on my shoulders, his blue eyes boring into my green ones, and rode me like that for what seemed free fuck preteen like hours. It was soft and languid, the urgency gone, and I listened to him respond as he controlled the action and I caressed him, feeling his body and tweaking his nipples, sharing kisses and sucking at his neck. As he rode me I stroked him, and eventually he strained himself to another orgasm, a thin trickle of cum leaking from his cockhead. I followed soon after, and we both collapsed in a preteen board ru sticky, sweaty mess on the couch, kissing and murmuring to each other before finally going upstairs for a shower.I glanced at the clock when we finally got out and saw that it was well after lunchtime, and that we had spent a good portion of the day down in the music room. Justin thought it was funny, but we were both feeling pretty relaxed as we walked toward the stairs."I'm going to work on some paperwork now, ok?" he asked. "Out in the kitchen. What about you?""Now that the interruption's over, I guess I'll get back to my reading. We both snickered, and Justin had his arm around my waist as we walked.Passing JC's closed door, I heard music behind it, and realized that he must have come home while we were in the shower. Justin caught it, too, looking at me questioningly as I tensed a little."Maybe we better clean up the music room," I said quietly, feeling a sharp pang of guilt go through me. We'd run naked up the stairs, leaving everything out down there.Justin nodded as I wondered whether JC had gone in there, and what he had seen. Damn. There went our good mood. It wouldn't occur to me until much later that Justin never apologized, either.***To be continued.
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